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I am a letterhead


I am a date, place


I am a formal greeting


I am an opening sentence. I am an introductory sentence. I am a sentence that broaches business, that broaches business, broaches business. I am a plead from a desperate human being. I am great splendours of modesty. I am a description of great accomplishments. I am reiteration of modesty. I am an enumeration, an enumeration, an enumeration. 

          I am further explanations, accurate expatiation. I am reiteration of pleading, narration of misery. I drive a finger into the puss of open wounds. I pander to humanity. I pander to guilt caused by events of lost times. I purposely tell untruths. 

          I am the beginning of a narration. I am an explanation of circumstances. I am an allusion to another narration. I am the middle of a narration. I am the ascent of a narration. I am the payoff of a narration. I am a finish. I am a proverb that neatly sums up the story line. I am a new interpretation of a narration. 

          I am a suggestion of an outcome. I am still further reiteration of pleading. I am the squandering of vague threats. I am a pathetic cry of hurt. I am nine tenths desperation and one tenth anger. I am an offer of sexual favours. I am a description of place and time. I am a phone number. 

I am a formal greeting.

_________I am a signature_________

I am a name

Translation: EÖN

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