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Heja Sverige!

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– Can I take your order, sir? – Is this … wow … is this Sweden-Germany? – Yes. – And it just started? – Uh … no, it’s halftime. – Oh wow. – Would you like to order? The kitchen is closing soon. – Oh, wow, is it so late? What is simple for the kitchen to make? – Well it’s not closed yet, so you can order it all. It’s not a problem. – Oh, wow. Wait, is it women playing? – Yes. It’s women. – Even better! – [Yfirlætislega] Yes. – Are these the best? – What do you mean? – Are these the best players? – In the world? – Yes, or in Germany and Sweden. Is this the World Cup? ‘Cause they don’t have that every year, do they? – Uh, I’m not sure. – Is it the World Cup? – Uh, yes, I think it’s the World Cup. – Ok, wow. That’s great. Amazing. – Would you like to order? – Yes, wow, please, I’ll have the tacos. Are they good? – They’re very good. And to drink? – Do you have that german thing, the weize? – Uh … – Hefeweiz … – I’m not sure, wait … – Wow, wait, here it is. Weissbier. That’s my favorite. – I can get you one of those. – Wow. Great. Bitte schön. – No problem.


[Á meðan á næsta borði]

– Nej, nej, det går inte. Så spelar man inte. Ingen disciplin! – Scheisse! Scheisse! – Rammstein! – Sverige, Sverige über alles!

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